Shine On!

“Those who followed Jesus showed His love by shining His Light for all the world to see.”

(Paraphrased)- Matt 28:16-20 Acts 1:4-11


To be patient and not grow weary in doing good. To be still and listen for the promptings of His Spirit. To have patience and Shine On! All these things, and many more, are achieved by humble submission to our loving and gracious God.

It takes determination but most importantly it takes love. He first floods us with His love and in turn, if we accept His precious and free gift, we will then become transformed by a renewal of our entire beings. We will not just follow our Lord out of a duty, but more importantly, out of our love for Him and His Son. If you love someone you will have a pulling and urgent desire to see their happiness. A love like this cannot be hidden but instead shines through for the whole world to see. As the saying goes “We will be beam” with joy! May we continue to accept and reflect His love and to… Shine On!!


Be Blessed,




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