The Sea Of Despair

The way has been lost, how do we return

So greatly deceived, bitter and burned


We all suffer, hand in hand

Reaching out hoping to  once again find dry land


But dry land it eludes us. We writhe and cringe

So great a company, this company of lost and foolish men


Without so much as a paddle, we drift along

Humming that same dark tune, a tune of the far gone


Those that pass us by gawk but provide no help

For the lost can’t help the lost, as they too are playing the hand that’s been dealt


They too are self-deceived, deceived and misled


Buying into the lie of “It’s a pirates life for me

Little did we know are lives would be lost at sea


No pity no hope no just this sea of tears

No one to comfort throughout the sea-lined years


But this is the greatest deceit of all, for He is right there

Willing, waiting, reaching out to take us into His healing care

When we hear His voice we find hope and anticipate

I feel the warmth of His hand the opening of a new fate


Anticipating what it will be like to feel that dry land

To place our toes firmly, oh so firmly in the sand


To laugh and find joy in our fellow human race

But most importantly to see His smile light up across His face


For the rescue of His children is what He died to attain

To place them in Him and our Father, what a glorious gain


He calls us home to rest in His Light

Free from the waves, waves that terrorize in the darkest of night


They threatened to swallow us all in one great wave

Gasping, panting as we approach that dark and silent grave


But wait He came …no He NEVER left

What joy fills our hearts

As we rest in His cleft and are lifted from the dark


Under His wing and in His great care

We are all told to come and rest in Him there


So let Him steer us home, home where He is

No fear, no dread for we are ALL His kids


Let us leave the sea of despair

To do away with all the lies and deceit that are found there


For we are His kids, how beautiful to know

He knows us all and calls us His very own


Be Forever Blessed,









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