Making It Through!

Waiting, waiting and waiting some more….

Do you ever feel like you’re just NOT going to make it and that you just don’t hear God’s voice or understand the game plan? I know I certainly do at times. You feel that you’re just stuck going through the motions of everyday monotonousness life. I often times start to feel like “Hello…? Ummm, exactly how long IS this going to go on. And how long am I going to have to go through this???”

Christ stated that His true sheep would know and heed His voice and commands, by emulating and following Him. Knowing this and feeling the above can make us think “maybe I have this all wrong and I’m not in His will.” But this is certainly not the case most of the times. And more importantly for us to remember is God’s never going to just dump you for missing the mark. I would never disown my kids for not understanding or messing up my instructions. Now don’t get me wrong I’m also mindful that missing the mark is not an excuse for blatant disobedience.

Being a Christian (“Christ-like”) is not a given just because we profess to be Christians. We are not promised an easy going, God will take care of it all if we pray the right prayer, life. Nor will we be covered from calamity or daily stresses by divine intervention and miraculous deliveries. Instead, following His lead is a daily, hourly and many times minute by minute choice that I find myself making throughout the day. And a lot of times I will find little to none of the “whoo hoo!!” moments.

All of us know that the best part of starting anything is the beginning, because it’s new, and nearing the end in anticipation of the reward. A very famous preacher has said a true show of commitment to any task is “going throooooooooough the middle”.

I have to remain conscience of the choice to follow Him in speech, what I allow myself to dwell upon and fill my mind with, or doing pretty much all activities! In our natural abilities this would prove an impossible feat, and honestly any sane person wouldn’t or shouldn’t attempt this on their own. The beauty is we don’t have to go it alone and on our own! He has promised and provided a sure fire way for success.

John 14:16 states;

“And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, and Standby), that He may remain with you forever”

I dwell in this delivered promise at every turn! With the society of constant go, go, go and demands on our time we can find that we barely have the strength to keep from dropping on the spot. When this happens I can find myself naturally gravitating to leaning to my own understanding, and not God’s. I feel drained, alone and can become victim to that predator that is waiting for his chance to strike me down.

I find that whenever I wait on His timing, listening for His voice, the best outcomes are seen, felt and experienced. My “end of the road/finish line in sight” may be a long time in coming, but I try to remember that MY plans and timing are not His. The fact remains that if  I decide to PUT myself outside of His will I may have to then maintain my misguided venture. Scary!!!

I understand, as I’m sure many of you do as well, that I need a great deal of help, just as my little ones need a lot of help from me. The difference is that Thank God we have a more perfect Parent who will never have an “oopsie” when helping us along the road of successful and rewarding lives. And just know that even if you don’t feel like your doing or achieving much that in His book you are more than a conqueror you are His righteous forever and always.

Prayer for today: Abba, thank you for Your perfect example and perfect love. Knowing that You have promised not to lose anyone of us that are Yours let’s me forever rest in Your perfect will, timing and grace. And even if I tire and grow wearisome You’re constant strength is forever there holding me up and carrying me and my brother and sisters through to the finish line.

Be Forever Strengthened and Blessed ~




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