Life is Short…

What are you going to be remembered for?

I asked myself this question last night as I reflected on a tragedy that a friend was grieving over. A person in their life had died suddenly. Not from some major battle with cancer, or long-term illness, but from a blood clot that developed from a basic and routine surgery. Many people dread hospitals just for reasons like this, believing “Oh something could go terribly wrong and then what?!?”.

God did not design us to live in perpetual fear of the unknown. He instructs us to make useful the time we do have, which leads to the self reflective topic of “Life is short, so what am I doing with MY allotted time?”.

Most of us are pretty 50/50 on this topic, with a few in the middle. I know of two very close people in my life that believe life is in fact very short so they better live each moment fully. But what IS fullness? Is fullness, just going about making sure we each get through our “Bucket Lists” of life? Or is it the ability to choose to leave this world a little brighter then when we entered it.

A couple of definitions of the word “full” are “The highest degree or state” and “Containing all that is possible”.  The scriptures state;

“No one lights a lamp and then hides it or puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house.” Luke 11:33 NLT

I used to live my life day by day, just doing whatever came next, until one day it all almost ended in a flash. I decided during my recovery, and over the course of the proceeding years, that my continued existence must be to make a difference somewhere and to someone. And even if I wasn’t sure what that difference may be that I would make myself available for the tasks as they presented themselves. I would not just sit idly by to wait for the opportunities to arise, but I would also seek them out where they would be found. I strive to be very cognizant of the fact that I can either bring loving warmth to another or I have the ability to also burn. Words and actions often times cut deeper and longer than any weapon. We are provided wisdom by God’s word to choose our words and actions careful and wisely.

We become very aware of the fact of our mortality when we here stories of others passing. But thank God that we can rest in the hope and fact that Christ died for each and everyone one of us! To receive the promise of eternal life, through His loving sacrifice and gift of His Spirit. He came, that we would live and bring the promise of hope and restoration to some many others in a dark world.

God’s Holy Spirit will provide the supernatural ability to direct and lead us. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we will desire to shine forth the glorious Light, all of us as Believers are purposefully driven to spread. Remembering that this drive is not to be limited to only our dealings with our Christian brothers and sisters, but is for all, regardless if they are of the faith or not. Nowhere in scripture does it state that we are to give less love and concern for those who are not Christian. In fact, the scriptures clearly teach that by our TRUE Christian (“Christ-like”) behavior those lost to this world, and the ruler of it, will want so desperately to experience what we have and show. They will desire to learn how they can have for themselves the great gift which is made available through a relationship with our loving Father.

Our lives are not our own but are for a greater purpose. And even if my name is forgotten, as I’m sure it will be, my greatest hope is that the joyful feeling that I may have brought to another will be passed on by the kindness they in turn will pay forward.

So when you and I hear the words “life is short” let’s take this as a reminder and say to ourselves that “I’m here, available and willing, to do whatever in Christ God intends through my life to be and do”.

Be Forever Blessed ~






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