Baskets of Hope – Where Are We Putting Them

The Scripture says, No man who believes in Him [who adheres to, relies on, and trusts in Him] will [ever] be put to shame or be disappointed. – Romans 10:11 (AMP)

Ughhhhhh….Why do we hope and put faith into that which is sure to disappoint? I told someone once, who was constantly complaining of being repeatedly abused by another, that blindly hoping a person would do something other than their previous track record is like going up to an angry bull hoping not the be kicked. But what do both you and I do at times – we go ahead and wonder over there (emotionally) hoping for the best and get the privilege of walking away with a metaphorical BLACK EYE. We even get creative and think that if we “tip-toe” over all will work out!

We are gently instructed to place our hope and trust in Him and Him alone. By no means does this suggest that we don’t have faith that someone will change, or that God can’t work out all things, but we shouldn’t mistake prayer for change with placing our hope and trust solely in God and not man. With man it is impossible but with God ALL THINGS are possible to Him that believes and places their trust in the one who is trustworthy.

You and I will always have the ability to let ourselves and others down. Let’s remember to not place all or our emotional cards in our own personal baskets that we’re bound to drop. I pray that both you AND I take care to place our baskets of hope, faith and trust in the one who will never disappoint.

Be Forever Blessed,



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